About Zadora Timepieces

Zadora Timepieces was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with an appreciation for art and innovation. Their goal was to revolutionize the watch industry and change the face of time. Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof was approached to be the designer for this bespoke timepiece company. Each watch features a unique cylindrical dial upon which is mounted a breathtakingly beautiful jeweled embellishment.

Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof grew up in the Canadian Wilds of the Queen Charlotte Islands. As a child he began carving totem poles with the Haida Indians after a hunting accident left his dominant arm paralyzed.

Gordon Cross, the great Haida Indian artist, personally tutored him in the art of metal and gold engraving. This, coupled with his love of nature and great interest in Indian mysticism and spirituality, inspired him to pursue his talent for gem sculpting and metallurgy as a full time profession.

After studying at Idar Oberstein, Germany Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof established himself as one of the greatest gemstone artists of his time, also known as "America's Faberge".

As the creator of some of the most exquisite works of art existing today, many of the worlds most discerning art connoisseurs and collectors recognize his unique talent and appreciate and covet his sensational creations.